Public Service is one of the best ways to contribute to healthy communities, healthy cities and a stronger Canada. If you are passionate about working for the public, and building a greater Toronto, we want you. If you are interested in being a part of the Canadian political process or want the opportunity to understand how policy is shaped? Muslim Youth Fellowship (MYF) is a leadership development program focusing on building the next generation of Muslim public servants. Our program consists of a paid training course developing civic engagement skills and a voluntary placement in a municipal officials’ office.

Mission Statement

More than ever, making positive changes in today's political climate requires all the right ingredients. We want to place highly motivated, passionate and hard-working young people on a fast-track to success.

A non-partisan program, Muslim Youth Fellowship aims to provide politically motivated students the opportunity to complement their academic studies with hands-on experience volunteering with an elected government representative. Fellows will volunteer directly with elected officials in a range of different areas including research, advocacy, policy, communications, and campaign organizing depending on the needs of the office. Through applied, hands-on experience, the program will provide fellows with the practical tools required to become effective advocates.

Fellows will be provided with paid intensive training prior to their placement as well as supportive mentorship and development training throughout their term. Experience gained will also be supplemented by a longer-term, vision project that fellows will work on collaboratively with the aim of impacting a worthy cause of choice.


The program will have two cohorts per year, one starting in September and another in January. We aim to recruit 10-12 Fellows for each of the cohorts.
Once selected as a Fellow the participant will received:

  • An Orientation Session where the Fellows will be welcomed into the program (mandatory attendance)
  • Pre-placement training that will teach Fellows the basics of Municipal Government to help them better understand how the City functions. (an honorarium will be provided for participation in the training and attendance is mandatory)
  • The opportunity to volunteer at a Municipal Official’s office
  • Monthly training and development sessions where Fellows will network with officials and staff of the City to better understand how to be better public servants. (an honorarium will be provided for participation in the training)
  • After the placement, Fellows will be asked to write an essay about their vision of public service and how they want to build a stronger city.

All training and development opportunities will be paid for via honorarium and will be held outside of City premises. Time spent in Municipal offices is unpaid, and voluntary. Fellows will negotiate with each of the offices the number of hours they will provide, however we recommend that Fellows provide at least 8-12 hours a week to the offices they volunteer at.

Total honorarium for participation in the training and networking portion of the program is $1400 per Fellow per term (September – December). There is no compensation for volunteering at Municipal Official’s offices.


Learning how to enter the public service is usually pretty scary and hard to do without strong networks – we hope to invest in young Muslim community members to help them deepen their love for City government and public services.

Some of the benefits you will receive:

Receive hands-on training in the areas of civic engagement

Sharpen your leadership skills and gain valuable campaign and organizing tools

Gain an in-depth understanding of the political process

Meet elected officials and improve your networking skills

Obtain insight and career advice from public servants working in Municipal Officials' offices

Connect with other ambitious Muslim youth from across the city who share a love to deepen their commitment to building a stronger democracy


To qualify for the placement, you need the following requirements:

  • Enrolled or just completed a University degree (or equivalent)
  • Demonstrated sustained civic engagement
  • Involvement in Muslim community improvement or development
  • An understanding of civic issues faced by the Muslim Canadian community and the Canadian community at large
  • Flexible weekday availability from September to December


Registration closed on July 28, 2017 11:59pm EST.

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